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Cultural video exchange project

About the project

During the development of the project, pupils will create short videos about their school, educational system of their country, and share their work with other participants. They will gather information and make an interesting short video portraying one day at their school.
In this way pupils will present their school and learn about different European schools and their educational systems. They will expand their knowledge and raise awareness about cultural similarities and differences.


Pupils will learn how to collect, compare and classify information. They will be able to create their own material and not just copy information.
They will broaden their knowledge of other European cultures and notice differences, which will lead to more aware individuals.
They will discover other educational systems and learn what one day in a different school looks like.
By creating videos they will improve their foreign language skills and develop technological skills by discovering the possibilities of multimedia tools. They will create digital resources and use ICT tools.

Work process

1. Pupils learn about the aims and objectives of the project and are introduced to the ways they can do research.
2. They form groups and divide tasks
3. Pupils gather all the necessary information, and choose what to include in their video.

1. Pupils create scenarios and necessary preparation
2. They make short videos and share them with other participants

1. They create a film composed of all shared short videos

Expected results

All produced materials will be published on TwinSpace and blog.
Pupils could prepare a handout of the work and the results for their school and make a presentation about the experience.


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